Brilliance Made Easy, Your Guide to Illumination Resources

23_C1S3_Capabilities Brochure Update

Bivar’s illumination solutions are currently at work lighting the way for thousands of applications and over 30,000 global customers.

Over 60 years of experience in building customer-driven solutions, starting alongside the earliest computer industry OEMs, have given us unique expertise in illumination components and specialized engineering. 

In our new brochure, Brilliance Made Easy, Your Guide to Illumination Resources, we explore specific key applications where our solutions are providing innovative, strategic support.  

The brochure covers real-world examples of customer challenges in a variety of industries and how Bivar collaborated to solve them with custom light pipes, LED indication systems, and more. Applications include:

•    Smart Irrigation System
•    Agricultural Monitoring and Guidance System
•    Communication Infrastructure for Data Storage
•    Fire Alarm Control Panel

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