We are excited to introduce the latest member of the MLPS family: MLPS-B. Also known as the Bezel System, MLPS-B showcases an alignment bezel equipped with Bivar's panel press-fit rigid light pipes. The alignment bezel incorporates mounting pads with double-sided adhesive tape, guaranteeing a secure fit and delivering optimal light output.


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Modular Light Pipe System

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The Modular Light Pipe System (MLPS) is a patent-pending solution that offers a configurable light pipe system with precise bezel alignment for optimal device communication. With ease of configuration and installation, the MLPS allows you to bring your design to market more rapidly than alternative options. 

Learn more about MLPS-B from our overview video below.



The MLPS-B alignment bezel enhances the stability of the light transmission system, ensuring better retention. Its pre-assembled design significantly reduces assembly time, enabling you to launch your product more swiftly. Like MLPS-RT and MLPS-RTB, MLPS-B offers the versatility to select any pattern that suits your product application. You can opt for popular, configurable patterns or tailor your system to flawlessly fit your unique device requirements. Thanks to our innovative configuration approach, there are no NRE or tooling costs associated with personalizing your MLPS.


Rigid Light Pipes

MLPS-B is compatible with Bivar's panel press-fit rigid light pipes in both front and rear mount. The series includes PLP1, PLP2, PLPC, PLP5, PLW5. You can select from wide range of sizes from .188 in. ~ .1.500 in. and lens profiles from Dome, Flat, and Low-Profile Dome. 

MLPS-B Light Pipes



MLPS-B can be used for applications such as network servers, robotics, control & monitoring systems, and more!

Network Server




Control and Monitor System



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