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Bivar's RHD Series Products

Bivar’s IP67 Rated “Heavy Duty” Rigid Light Pipe for use in rugged industrial-grade applications. The RHD Series provides product designers with a compact alternative to Flexible Light Pipes when space is constrained inside enclosures and on PCBs.

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Heavy-Duty Protection in Rugged Environments:

Now all the strength and protection found in Bivar’s industry leading Flexible Light Pipes is available in a Panel Press-Fit hover style to meet the most stringent design conditions in tight spaces. The RHD Series incorporates a sealing ring, lock washer, and hex nut to ensure maximum ingress protection. Developed for new product designs where a surface-mount LED is located on a densely populated PCB leaving no room to board mount a light pipe.

4. Seal, Washer, Nut

More Selections for Your Next Design:

RHD Series Rigid Light Pipes come in vertical and right-angle configurations, options that include six standard lengths (Datasheet Table 1), 6mm and 9mm lens size, and assorted lens colors (Datasheet Table 2).

Angled Table 1          Vertical Table 1          Vertical Table 2

Another high-quality Bivar LED Light Pipe expertly designed to meet your industrial-grade LED Indication performance needs for new designs.

RHD Colors with Labels


Industries / Application

  • Healthcare/Medical: Patient Monitoring Devices, Instrumentation, Lab Equipment
  • Automation/Transportation: EV Charging Stations, Delivery Vehicles, Trucks, Bus, Off Road Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Power Controls, Solar Controls, Agricultural Equipment
  • Communications: Data Center Monitoring, Servers, Storage
  • Industrial Automation: Manufacturing Plant Controls, Enclosures/Cabinets, Test Equipment

Product Details

1. RHD Vertical - Side View1. RHD Vertical - ISO View

1. RHD Angled - Side View1. RHD Angled - ISO View

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