The new UHF Series silicone flexible light pipes are IP67 rated and simplify the design process, making use of light pipes even easier. The UHF is made with clear silicone pipe and lens construction providing a one-piece patent pending rib design that seals and protects from ingress. It provides strong panel retention without the need for gasket, nut, and washer hardware.

The unibody silicone material is very pliable, allowing for better light pipe navigation around components and flexibility when aligning LED light pathway to the lens.

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  1. ZeroLightBleed™ Protection
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ZeroLightBleed™ Protection

The UHF comes with a ZeroLightBleed™ adapter in preselected lengths, or it can be used without an adapter in shorter lengths.

UHF ZLB Adapters

Additional Benefits

Silicone provides a broader operating temperature range of -40° to 200° Celsius. The UHF is easy to install and requires no tools for assembly. This series is created specifically for applications that present challenging design requirements such as space constraints, pathway impediments, and environmental conditions.


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