Flexible Light Pipe System with Zero Light Bleed™ Technology

Bivar's the first to offer a flexible light pipe system with innovative Zero Light Bleed adapter technology and optional built-in surface mount LED: an all-in-one solution.

The new flexible light pipe system expands the family and provides even more agility in design to move light long distances, move around obstacles, and easily handle re-designs. The Zero Light Bleed adapter channels light directly to the lens. This eliminates disruptive light bleed in and around the circuit board, which is known to cause false readings, muted and blended colors, and unwanted glow in the chassis.

The Zero Light Bleed  SZ Series is available in a wide variety of options: optional built-in LED, unique fiber colors, and a range of sizes.

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Product Details

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  • Range of lens sizes and shapes available
  • Bivar lens and optical fiber bonding process for increased durability
  • Available in IP54 Rated configuration

  • Available in 1mm or 2mm Optical Fiber Diameter
  • Standard lengths or customize to fit your specific application requirements
  • Optical Fiber comes in black or one of 5 new colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow

  • Zero Light Bleed Protection
  • Available with Built-In SMD LED
  • Built-In SMD LED available in 14 color options including single color, bi-color, tri-color
  • Built-In SMD LED reinforced packaging ideal for rugged environment applications
  • 3 Mounting Options: Surface Mount, Firm Retention, Post Retention



Zero Light Bleed Adapter with Built-In Surface Mount LED

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Features & Benefits

  • Simplified sourcing. Bivar makes sourcing a flexible light pipe simple with an all-in-one solution: Zero Light Bleed adapter, LED, flexible fiber, and lens in one, delivering convenience and resource savings for both procurement and assembly.
  • Optimum compatibility. Designed with the most compatible LED, flexible light pipe, and lens combination, the Zero Light Bleed flexible light pipe system provides maximum light transmission while eliminating light cross talk between light pipes.
  • Enhanced durability. In the surface mount flexible light pipe system, the Zero Light Bleed adapter assembly is soldered directly to PCB, thus strengthening attachment to the PCB. The new light pipe system is optimal for high vibration applications.

Customization Options

  • Standard fiber lengths available from 1.5" to 300' in increments of .5"
  • Custom fiber lengths available  in increments of  .25”
  • Customize the adapter and lens as desired
Contact Ask a Design Expert for customization inquiries.

Application & Insights

Coffee Grinder
Commercial coffee grinders

Water Cleaning
UV light technology equipment - clean water, wastewater treatment products

Other industrial applications:

  • Sensor-based industrial products
  • Sensors for automation and control
  • Industrial robots
  • Operator control systems
  • Fire safety systems
  • Automated vehicles
  • Robotic microscopes
  • Smart motors and controls for refrigeration

Genetic Tester
Automated genetic analyzer

Medical vehicles and equipment

Other healthcare applications:

  • Acoustic sensing system
  • Testing systems


Elevator Control
Smart intercom system, elevator controls, front desk station for intelligent buildings

Railroad Train
Railway and transit system wireless communication networks

Other communication applications:

  • Rugged telematics gateway
  • 5G and fiber network management systems

Weapon Detector
Walk through weapons detection system

Traffic Cam
Robotic cameras for security and traffic controls systems

Other security & surveillance applications:

  • Video encoders

Power Charging System
Power charging systems

Automobile Charger
Charging platform for autonomous and mobile robots

Smart Parking
Smart parking systems


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