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LPAR and LPAV Rigid Light Pipe Array Series

Zero Light Bleed technology now available as an array featuring a quadruple station in both right angle and vertical configurations.

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Zero Light Bleed LPAR and LPAV rigid light pipe array is offered in three different lens sizes and in dome and flat lens styles.

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Product Details

LPAR | Right Angle Array



    • Right Angle, Quadruple Station
    • Board Mount Rear
    • 2, 3, 4mm
    • Height: 0.180”
    • Body Length:1.0”
    • Two (2) lens styles: dome, flat

Download Data Sheet:

Dome - LPAR2 | LPAR3 | LPAR4

Flat - LPAR2 | LPAR3 | LPAR4

LPAV | Vertical Array



    • Vertical, Quadruple Station
    • Board Mount Rear
    • 2, 3, 4mm
    • Height: 0.180”
    • Body Length: N/A
    • Two (2) lens styles: dome, flat

Download Data Sheet:

Dome - LPAV2 | LPAV3 | LPAV4

Flat - LPAV2 | LPAV3 | LPAV4

All LPAR LPAV products feature:

  • UL94-V0 Rated Material
  • RoHS and REACH compliance
  • Ideal for applications that require conformal coating (potting)

Applications and Insights


Products / Applications

  • Crew Station Displays / Remote Ground Communication Control
  • Satcom Systems / Self-contained Vehicle Communication System
  • Communication System Security / GPS System Jamming Device Protection


Products / Applications

  • Video Processor / Remote Camera System
  • Matrix Switching / HDMI Matrix Input/Output Controller


Products / Applications

  • Network Server / Remote Monitoring Console Server


Products / Applications
  • Low Voltage Electronic Integration / Access Controller
  • Outdoor Equipment Cabinets / Control Panel
  • Intelligent Power Modules / Rack-Mounted Power Conversion System

Products / Applications

  • Motion Control Systems / Modular Rack Communication Module
  • IoT Edge Computing / Data Processing
  • Automation Communication Systems / Configurable I/O Controller


Products / Applications

  • Lighting Control Systems / DIN-Rail Mountable Lighting Control Processor


Products / Applications

  • Asset Monitoring System / Manufacturing Plan RFID Controller
  • Emergency Kiosks / Hands Free Emergency Assistance Call Box


Products / Applications

  • Vehicle Electronics System / Older Model Video Systems Enhancer
  • Rail & Bus Scheduling Systems / Passenger Kiosk
  • Aviation Data Systems / Automated Wireless Plane to Ground Data Transfer System

Products / Applications

  • Contract Manufacturing / Box Build

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